Integrated Annual Report 2020

Energy solutions


Our international presence and solid experience allow us to maximize competitiveness and strategically position ourselves as a leading company in the transition towards a fully decarbonized energy system. In fact, for the sixth year in a row, we have managed to position ourselves as the world's largest 100% renewable energy company according to Energy Intelligence

Thanks to our focus on creating value, our energy solutions are associated with positive socio-economic and environmental impacts that respond to the needs of local communities, promoting sustainable development.

ACCIONA Energía: A unique platform

We are main actors of the unstoppable evolution of the energy sector towards a decarbonized system. The growing commitments to climate neutrality represent a unique opportunity for structural decarbonization of all sectors of the economy, with renewables at the center of the system.


  • Pure leading global operator in renewable energies.
  • 100% renewable since its creation; no legacy of fossil assets.
  • 10,694 MW of total installed capacity
  • 24,075 GWh of total production in 2020, equivalent to the consumption of 7.5 million households
  • Vertically integrated model
  • Solid operational and financial results
  • 30 years of experience
  • Active in 16 countries on 5 continents
  • Largest 100% renewable marketer in Spain, according to the CNMC
  • 6 renewable technologies
  • Historical asset availability of 97% and remote resolution of 60% of technical incidents
  • Strong capacities in development and pioneers in innovative solutions.
  • 4th largest global developer by corporate PPAs signed in 2020 (BloombergNEF)
  • Good positioning to benefit from Net Zero commitment opportunities

Strategic priorities 2021 - 2025

ACCIONA Energía is prepared to take advantage of the growing opportunities derived from the energy transition, to accelerate the organic growth of the company and double our installed capacity and thus reach 20 GW in 2025. We have defined the following levers that will ensure the strengthening of our cost effectiveness:

  • Industry-leading asset management, guaranteeing and maximizing future cash flows, seeking to extend the useful life of assets beyond 40 years.
  • Maximum sophistication in energy management with the recurring objective that at least 80% of production be insured through long-term contracts and hedging mechanisms.
  • Downstream expansion, strengthening the business-to-business client portfolio to support the growth in installed capacity of generation assets.

Growth plan for 2021 — 2025

In an environment where the decarbonization of the economy is speeding up, we have developed a new plan to capture and accelerate profitable growth in our main markets. Within the framework of ACCIONA Energía’s initial public offering, scheduled for 2021, we include an ambitious program to increase owned capacity to a total of 20GW in 2025.

Plan de crecimiento para 2021 – 2025

A solution aligned with taxonomy

The European taxonomy of sustainable activities is the foundation of our sustainable finance framework. This new European sustainability plan, together with defined technical criteria, avoids all kinds of greenwashing and the companies included in it really behave respectfully towards the environment.

Our energy solutions aligned with the European taxonomy reach the following percentages:

79 % of sales

98 % of EBITDA

100 % of CAPEX

These initiatives cover different energy projects and activities that add value to the sector.

  • Wind energy
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Hydroelectric
  • Thermal renewables
  • Biomass and solar thermal
  • Energy storage
  • New energy solutions
  • Sale of energy
  • O&M of renewable assets
  • Distributed generation
  • EPC for third parties
  • Energy services

Thanks to our recent exclusive agreement with SSE Renewables, a subsidiary of SSE Plc listed on the FTSE, we are going to develop offshore wind energy projects in Spain and Portugal.

Right now, we are the seventh largest operator in the world for owned onshore wind capacity installed.

8,460 MW owned

230 onshore wind farms

6,400 wind turbines

14 countries

ACCIONA Energía is the seventh largest operator in the world in terms of owned onshore wind capacity installed

In 2020 we achieved an important long-term supply contract with Amazon, equivalent to the electricity production of 641 MW. This contract will allow us to promote our presence in the United States.

1,236 MW owned

18 large photovoltaic plants

7 countries

Our experience with this technology includes both the evaluation of the resource and the design, construction, operation and maintenance of hydroelectric facilities.

We stand out for the excellence in the operation of hydroelectric generation assets, some of them centenary.

873 MW owned

76 Hydroelectric Power Plants

22 River basins

In 2007 we were pioneers in operating the Nevada Solar One solar thermal plant.

In biomass, we have experience in the design, construction and operation of large plants.


64 MW owned

1 Thermosolar plant


61 MW owned

1 Thermosolar plant

The application of electric energy storage systems linked to wind farms and photovoltaic solar plants is a field with significant potential given the strong global development of renewable energies.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial nature, we have been and continue to be forerunners in the development of new technologies, services and business models. In this sense, some of the most notable recent milestones we have achieved are:

  • 1st floating photovoltaic plant connected to the grid in Spain
  • Pioneers in the use of blockchain.
  • STOREe-CHAIN and GREENH2chain for the traceability and guarantee of the 100% renewable energy stored in wind and photovoltaic plants and energy from green hydrogen.
  • 1 green hydrogen plant in southern Europe with European funding

According to BloombergNEF, ACCIONA Energía was the fourth operator with the most long-term energy sales agreements signed worldwide in 2020.

Our status as a unique company in the market allows us to provide customers with the differential benefits of a 100% clean energy supply. So much so that we are the fourth operator with the most long-term power sales agreements signed worldwide in 2020, according to BloombergNEF. Our position in this market is solid thanks to the following aspects:

  1. Largest 100% renewable electricity marketer in Spain

    We commercialize and supply electricity in Spain and Portugal with a 100% renewable guarantee of origin certified by the National Commission on Markets and Competition, being the first exclusively renewable energy marketer in the Spanish electricity market.

  2. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

    Long-term contracts with companies that want a competitive, reliable and guaranteed renewable supply to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. We take advantage of our global reach to offer our clients international solutions / ACCIONA Energía is positioned among the top 4 promoters by volume of PPAs contracted in 2020: the agreements signed with Amazon (USA), Telefónica and Novartis (Spain), and K + S (Chile) particularly stand out.

  3. Sale of energy to the market

    Our extensive experience allows us to carry out the sale of energy from our own assets and from other products.

  4. Sale of renewable attributes

    We are part of the international market for the sale of regulated certificates of renewable energy and credits for offsetting and reducing emissions, pioneers in the sale of carbon credits through blockchain.

We provide renewable asset operation services in the main technologies through our Renewable Energy Control Center (CECOER), both in our own plants and for third parties.

In addition, we manage the useful life of renewable facilities through predictive maintenance programs based on big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

15,000 MW managed

97% availability

60% Incidents resolved remotely

+32 TWh annual production managed

ACCIONA Energy manages the useful life of renewable facilities through predictive maintenance programs based on big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

We offer solutions to maximize generation based on renewable energy, to reduce electricity costs and to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

The following projects within this field stand out in recent years, all of them being a reference for their size in their respective regions:

  • Curtis and Cubillos biomass plants in Spain, both of 50 MW
  • 800 MW photovoltaic plant in UAE
  • Cerro Dominador thermosolar plant in Chile of 110 MW

We strengthen our presence in the energy sector with the integral management of the use of energy, which encompasses both demand and supply, through a model based on two differential features:

  • Sustainability
  • Digitalization

With this, we have achieved annual savings of more than 110,000 MWh for our customers and 33,000 GWh of energy monitoring and optimization, avoiding the emission of 33,000 tCO₂ to the atmosphere.

More than 110,000 MWh for our customers and 33,000 GWh of energy monitoring and optimization, avoiding the emission of 33,000 tCO₂ to the atmosphere.

Featured projects

Destacado 1

La Chalupa

USA, Texas

ACCIONA Energía has started operating its largest wind facility in the United States, the 198 MW La Chalupa wind farm in Texas. With the commissioning of its tenth wind farm in the US, the company now has more than 1,000 MW of installed wind capacity in the country (1,064 MW).

Destacado 1

Malgarida I & II

Chile, Atacama

With 238 MW of peak capacity, the Malgarida I & II photovoltaic complex in Atacama is the seventh renewable facility to be built in Chile. This project raised ACCIONA's installed capacity in Chile to almost 1 GW, from 45 MW in 2015.

Destacado 1

Power to Green Hydrogen in Mallorca

Spain, Mallorca

ACCIONA Energía and Enagás are collaborating on a project for a green hydrogen plant in Mallorca, on which construction is due to start in 2021. This project, which also involves IDAE and Cemex, will have the capacity to produce more than 330 tons of green hydrogen per year.

Destacado 1

Joint venture with Plug Power to create a leading green hydrogen platform

Spain and Portugal

ACCIONA Energía and Plug Power Inc., a world leader in hydrogen fuel cell systems and refuelling solutions, have signed an outline agreement to set up a 50/50 joint venture to pioneer the supply of green hydrogen to customers in Spain and Portugal.