Integrated Annual Report 2020

Real estate solutions


Our real estate activity is focused on the promotion and management of residential and non-residential complexes. In addition, we aspire to excellence through the application of technological advances and the use of high-quality materials and finishing touches.


Main figures FY19(€m) FY20(€m) % Var. 2020 vs 2019
Sales 141 201 42.5%
EBITDA 20 19 -5%
Residential units delivered 512 744 45.3%

The design of our real estate projects is based on environmental criteria. In this sector we also align ourselves with the European taxonomy to ensure the positive impact of our activity on the environment and the contribution to the 2030 Agenda.

A real estate property is aligned with the European taxonomy if its energy performance is equivalent to an EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) rating of A (for buildings built before 2021), or if its energy consumption is at least 20% lower than the national requirements for near-zero energy buildings.

Real estate

Employees 136

Turnover 198 millions of euros

ISO 14001 100 % Real estate promotion certification in Spain

Ebitda 19 millions of euros

Households + 13,000

OHSAS 18001 100 % Activity certification in Spain

Environmental criteria are the basis of the design of our real estate projects


ACCIONA's values and talent are people, rigor, collaborative leadership and a young ecosystem


We capitalize on brand identity, innovation and specialization.

Our technical strength is the team of highly qualified professionals who enhance our competitive position.


We establish partnerships with the main international real estate players.


We reconvert old industrial areas.

We reactivate and improve tourist destinations.


We are focused on expanding the company's presence in Europe and Latin America.


We are committed to strengthening and proving ACCIONA's DNA, which is based on sustainability and innovation.

We are committed to sustainability in all our activities.

We develop technologies such as home automation and other applications that allow homes to be managed in an eco-efficient, safe and comfortable way. Our real estate developments have systems to promote rational water consumption or to capture energy with the installation of solar panels.

We promote business complexes based on the highest technology and first-class materials and finishes. In the development of new office buildings, our solution involves creating lasting relationships with individual clients with a well-defined and transparent perspective.

Our real estate activity also includes the creation of tourist destinations, with several current initiatives in Mexico and Spain. It is about designing and developing tourism projects under the Home Resort formula, which consists in offering hotel services to clients seeking long-term stays in luxury apartments located in safe environments.

Consumers and companies need access to efficient logistics projects given the growing demand for delivery in Spain. We design and promote this type of asset through sustainable and integrated solutions in our cities or industrial zones. We have reached agreements not only with logistics operators, but also with institutional investors.