Integrated Annual Report 2020

Social solutions


To help expand and ensure social well-being, ACCIONA develops infrastructure solutions for health, education and cultural engineering, as well as the efforts devoted to the conservation of ecosystems and the regeneration of the natural environment. Putting people at the center of the strategy.

Social solutions still show a low convergence with the 2020 European taxonomy. However, the work of the EU in the development of a social taxonomy shows a paradigm shift and an impulse for this kind of formulas that contribute to the sustainable social development of the communities, a goal that we also share.

Our social solutions aligned with the European taxonomy reach the following percentages:

4 % of sales

21 % of EBITDA

2 % of CAPEX

Because of our commitment to health, we invest in the design, construction and operation of health infrastructures. In the field of care for the elderly, we have created the FAMILYAR social platform, a service based on the simple and safe interaction between these people, their families, public administrations and sector professionals.

We lead the design, construction and sustainable management of universities and student residences and offer support in the management of schools. In addition to teaching services, educational reinforcement and early morning supervision, we currently have five student residences in Spain and a university project.

We provide sustainable solutions for the design and implementation of linear infrastructure that help maintain natural environments and coastal areas. All services are developed with sustainability criteria, using machines and electric vehicles, in addition to the recycling of materials, to reduce CO2 emissions.

ACCIONA Ingeniería Cultural has been developing sustainable solutions for museums and art centers on five continents since 1990. We use sensory technology to design memorable experiences around historical and cultural heritage. With these projects, our goal is to promote local development in the regions where they are implemented.

Cultural Engineering

Employees 217

Turnover 35 millions of euros

Awards 129

Ebitda 1 millions of euros

Offices 8 in 5 countries

Countries 38

ACCIONA Ingeniería Cultural also develops design and event management solutions adapted to customer requirements. We are committed to the use of multiplatform formats and tools, incorporating 360 strategies that appeal to different audiences through different channels and structures, personalizing the experience based on preferences and needs.

Featured projects

Destacado 1

Hospital Infanta Sofía


Hospital Universitario Infanta Sofía in Madrid, designed, built, financed and partly managed by ACCIONA, was the only Spanish project nominated for the BREEAM AWARDS 2020 in the category of “Public building in use”. It won the award in that category for its energy efficiency and water management.

Destacado 2

Loreto project


The goal of the Loreto project, located in Toorak, Australia, is to achieve gender parity in the construction of a girls' school. Despite being a relatively small project, ACCIONA achieved a considerable impact in the community.

Destacado 3

Beach conservation in Almería


Maintenance and biodiversity conservation at 16 beaches in Almería. ACCIONA implements action plans to care for the protected beach flora and fauna by preserving their natural environment.

Destacado 4

Grand Egyptian Museum

Egypt, Cairo

The Grand Egyptian Museum is the largest archaeological museum in the world: 950,000 m² housing 45,000 items, 25,000 of which have never been exhibited before. ACCIONA Cultural Engineering worked on 4 prominent areas of the museum: the Gallery of Tutankhamen, the Atrium, the Great Staircase and the Children's Gallery.

Destacado 5

Prado Museum Bicentenary Show

Spain, Madrid

ACCIONA designed and executed the audiovisual show that marked the conclusion of the Prado's Bicentenary celebrations (1819-2019). The event integrated projection mapping, special laser effects and live music to offer the audience an immersive experience.