Integrated Annual Report 2020

Transportation solutions


ACCIONA has more than 150 years of experience in the construction of transport infrastructures. To date, we have participated in the design and execution of more than 3,000 km of railways, including outstanding subway and tram projects. We are also leaders in construction and engineering solutions.

The increase in population and urban concentration in a context of climate emergency makes transport infrastructures the pillars on which the sustainable development of society must be based.

The key to our success in this area lies in covering all aspects: identifying the opportunity, planning and potential financing, design and construction, operation and the maintenance of the executed works. In this way, we provide comprehensive solutions to highly complex projects.

Our transport solutions aligned with the European taxonomy reach the following percentages:

47 % of sales

67 % of EBITDA

23 % of CAPEX


Project Solution Country Completion Amount (€ M)
Sao Paulo’s subway line 6 Metros and trams Brazil 2025 2,300
Millennium Line Broadway, Vancouver subway Subways and trams Canada 2025 1,820
Highway S19 Rzeszow Poludnie-Babica Highways Poland 2026 500
Second section of the Malolos-Clark International Airport railway line Railways and rail services Philippines 2024 560
Purchase of LendLease Engineering's contract portfolio Various Australia Various 1,100

We help shape the future of smart highways and roads through our experience, technical capacity and sustainable approach. In addition, we carry out an environmental study prior to the execution of highway projects to reduce emissions from road transport and minimize the on-site impact.

+ 5,000 km of roads in more than 25 countries

+ 15 awardsin innovation and sustainability

We are a world reference in the design and construction of structures that open communication channels between orographically complex areas. The more than 600 bridges that we have built using efficient and sustainable techniques reflect our capacity for innovation. Our methods for viaducts, arched and cable-stayed bridges also stand out.

+ 600 bridgesbuilt using efficient and sustainable techniques

We have designed and built more than 800 km of metropolitan, road and rail tunnels. Our leadership in tunnel boring machines (breaking several world records and carrying out some of the most important tunneling works in the world), our extensive knowledge of geotechnics and our sustainable philosophy, permeate every project.

800 kmof metropolitan, road and rail tunnels

Our strategy in the execution of railway projects and railway services is based on efficiency, speed and sustainability. We have our own technology for the installation of high-speed tracks and we have also developed a special ballastless track system. Our experience in this sector has been internationally recognized.

After more than 100 years building railway infrastructure, we have designed more than 3,000 km of tracks, including more than 1,200 high-speed lines.

After more than 100 years building railway infrastructures, ACCIONA has designed more than 3,000 km of tracks, including more than 1,200 high-speed lines.

With our subway and tram projects we have been able to participate in the sustainable transformation of large cities around the world. Leading the development of subway networks in all Spanish-speaking cities, including Quito and Medellín. In addition, we have created digital models to develop intelligent prototypes that optimize the works.

In 2020, the concession contract for the construction and operation of the Sao Paulo subway line particularly stands out.

Thanks to our participation in the construction of more than 50 ports, we have acquired solid experience in the sector and achieved 50% savings in raw materials, as well as a reduction of x4 in CO₂ emissions compared to conventional constructions.

In materials technology, we design cylindrical composite caissons to minimize impact, since they are highly adaptable to corrosion and manage to reduce emissions compared to other traditional elements.

50% savings in raw materials

Reduction of x4 in CO₂ emissions compared to conventional constructions.

To date, we have participated in the design and construction of more than 40 airport projects. Among them, the terminal 4 building at Madrid's Adolfo Suárez airport, which serves more than 47 million passengers per year, particularly stands out. We are also one of the main operators in Germany, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Oman

After more than 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge to promote the development within the sector on a global scale. More than 3,650 specialized professionals make it possible to design integral solutions for road, water and environmental projects adapted to challenges such as the climate emergency and overpopulation.

We are also specialized in the comprehensive management of freight transport, both domestic and international. In total, throughout our history, we have shipped to more than 500 destinations in more than 140 countries.

+ 14,000 km sea operations

+ 40,000 air operations

1,096 M kg transported

We complement our sustainable solutions with investment in the design and construction of data centers, transmission networks and electrical substations. The data centers built by the company comply with the highest security standards to host information technology systems and client operations.

In the last 12 years, we have worked on 70 projects within this sector

In the last 12 years, ACCIONA has worked on 70 projects in this sector.

Featured projects

Destacado 1

Malolos-Clark International Airport line


ACCIONA will build a second section of the railway line linking the Philippine city of Malolos with Clark International Airport, 80 kilometres north of Manila. The project is valued at 560 M€, making it ACCIONA's largest contract in the Philippines to date.

Destacado 2

E-6 highway


Nye Veier, Norway's state-owned road planning, construction, operation and maintenance company, chose ACCIONA Construction to design and deliver the section of the E6 highway between the town of Ranheim and Værnes-Trondheim airport.

Destacado 3

Cebu–Cordova Bridge


Construction of an 8.5 kilometre toll road with a 650-metre cable-stayed bridge. The Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) will have two lanes in each direction, while the bridge will be designed for a speed of 80-90 kilometres per hour, with the deck at a height of 51 metres to provide clearance for shipping. It is expected to carry at least 50,000 vehicles per day.

Destacado 4

Follo Line railway tunnels


Design and construction of twin tunnels, 19.5 km long, for high-speed rail. Execution period: 2019-2021. Investment: contract worth 1 B€. Strengths: for several years, this project was the largest transport infra-structure contract in Scandinavia and the first to be executed with 4 tunnel boring machines launched from a large central cavern with a single access point from the outside.

Destacado 5

São Paulo Metro


ACCIONA has signed an agreement with the Brazilian consortium MOVE and the State of São Paulo to take on the concession contract for the construction and subsequent operation and maintenance of Line 6 of São Paulo Metro.

Destacado 6



The Kugira caisson barge, one of the largest in the world in its category, is capable of producing a caisson that is 70 metres long, 36 metres wide and 35 metres high in just ten days. It can also build 200-metre sea-walls in just one month.

Destacado 7

Düsseldorf Airport services


ACCIONA provides a range of services at Düsseldorf Airport: passenger handling, ramp handling and operations. As a result, it has created close to 1,000 jobs in the city.