Integrated Annual Report 2020

Exponential leadership

Authenticity, transparency. We follow a purpose. ACCIONA has a deep leadership vocation in this decade’s sustainable transformation.


  • One edition of I’MNOVATION#Startups held in Spain and another in Chile, with the recruitment of startups from 20 countries and pilots with 7 business units.
  • Innovative digital technology implemented to improve business processes in collaboration with the Digital Innovation Hub.
  • Participation in global benchmark sustainability forums such as the World Economic Forum and Global Compact, among others.
  • Review and modification of the policy on the composition of the Board of Directors.
  • Obtaining the double certification UNE 19601 and ISO 37001 for infrastructures and construction in Spain and ISO 37001 for water in Italy.
  • Gradual implementation and development of KPIs for the corporate tax function.


  • Developing open innovation programs to promote projects that tackle at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Working with startups and cities in the search for regenerative solutions for citizens.
  • Strengthening the responsible sourcing strategy.
  • Adapting the bylaws and other regulations to the changes provided for in the Draft Law for the Amendment of the Capital Company Act.
  • Launching the process to renew the purpose, principles and promise, as well as the Code of Conduct.
  • Obtaining the UNE 19602 certification of tax compliance management systems for ACCIONA S.A.


The ACCIONA team recognizes trustworthy and credible people in management, with values and commitment. They are proud to work in the organization and satisfy their need to contribute thanks to their dedication and knowledge, and thus improve the lives of the people in the environment where they work.


  1. Redefine the purpose, promise and principles of the company in a new Code ofConduct with a broad participation as the basis for a common ACCIONA Way of Doing businesses.
  2. Use quality indicators and information for client, investor, employee and supplier satisfaction, verified by independent third parties that promote annual improvement plans.
  3. Create a common virtual meeting place accessible to the ACCIONA team and develop practitioner informal networks around the company's core promises.
  4. Establish processes of immersion in company values, especially in onboarding and inherently rotating businesses.
  5. Program on the company's rules and position regarding its commitment and defense of more sustainable development models.


Measuring customer satisfaction makes it easier to plan actions aimed at improving their experience. Given the diversity of ACCIONA's products and services, the factors considered to measure satisfaction are diverse: from deadlines and human resources in energy or construction projects, to commercial management or meter reading


Evolución de los clientes satisfechos


ACCIONA is committed to innovation to continuously anticipate future market trends and disruptions, as well as to seek solutions that can generate new business opportunities.

For another year, efforts have been maintained in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) and in promoting an open innovation model.


Evolución de la intensidad innovadora

ACCIONA strengthens its leadership with a 3.7%, higher innovative intensity than the European average.


ACCIONA's tax policy defines the company's approach to tax matters, as well as its consistency with the global business strategy. This policy is based on three fundamental values: social responsibility; financial strength, return and results; and honesty. It is structured around the following specific goals and general principles:

  1. Compliance with the tax obligations required in each jurisdiction, in accordance with current regulations.
  2. The commitment to our obligation to pay taxes in accordance with the applicable legal system, based on a reasonable interpretation of the regulations and in accordance with the group’s activity.
  3. The protection of ACCIONA's reputation by managing significant tax risks through appropriate mechanisms for their coverage, prevention, reduction and monitoring, which take into account the associated reputational factor. The company carries out operations with sufficient economic consistency, aligning its taxation with the effective performance of its activity.
  4. ACCIONA has established a transfer pricing policy and a definition of the value chain for all its operations between related parties and entities, following the principles of free competition, creation of value through functions and assets, and assumption of risks and benefits.
  5. The group does not envision the implementation of artificial corporate structures based on opacity or with little/no economic substance.
  6. Encouraging transparent and good faith relationships with each country’s tax administrations, aimed at achieving the greatest predictability of the tax positions adopted, as well as minimizing discrepancies and litigation regarding tax payments. ACCIONA has strengthened its cooperation with the Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) within the framework of the Code of Best Tax Practices.


In addition to the Sustainability Report, the company publishes two more corporate reports with ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria) information of interest.


ACCIONA's sustainability report for the first half of 2020 was the company’s first non-financial interim report. In this document, the main nonfinancial indicators and goals were monitored, and the milestones in environmental, social, sustainable financing and external evaluations were listed


ACCIONA publishes its integrated report annually, prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). The purpose of this document is to show the relationship between corporate strategy and financial performance. The reader will find the keys to a decision-making process capable of creating value in the short, medium and long term.


PROCUR-e has been the transformation lever, not only functional and digital but also regarding processes, of our entire purchasing cycle since 2015. It is the main mechanism to understand and manage the supply chain risk through the risk map, as well as to handle tenders and supplier relationships.

PROCUR-e in figures

CLOSE TO 50,000 registered suppliers

MORE THAN 1,147 M € awarded in 2020

MORE THAN 45,600 with Risk Map

MORE THAN 2,300 Users around the world

MORE THAN 8,400 RFPs awarded