Integrated Annual Report 2020

Integrate to transform

ACCIONA can make a unique difference by having a portfolio of solutions aligned with the sustainable transformation required by the challenges set in the Sustainable Development Goals. Connect to have an impact. Make a difference in each project.


  • Review and validation of the socioeconomic and environmental impact methodology by the University of Zaragoza.
  • Identification and start working on three High Impact Solutions projects.
  • Under the Green Financing Framework, the financing instruments total exceeds € 1.7 billion.


  • Design and implementation of a digital tool to measure the socio-economic and environmental impact for all the company's businesses.
  • Implementation of High Impact Solutions in the three launched projects.
  • Design of new financing frameworks fostering the development of high positive impact or regenerative projects.


Our value proposal is based on integrated infrastructures designed to maximize their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. ACCIONA's different divisions work together to create and offer solutions that help to achieve the SDGs.


  • Developing analysis and diagnostic tools that allow the identification of regenerative opportunities, integrating the local evolution of compliance with the SDGs, and thus designing responses that positively impact a greater number of sustainability variables.
  • Incorporating the analysis and coordination of differential sustainable capabilities to the project design and management process, from the opportunity stage to execution.

    • Potential regenerative capabilities to create and value.
    • Cross capabilities in the company.
  • Having an internal organization system that optimizes resources and coordination between the different business units.


ACCIONA tries to enhance the transformative effect of its projects by maximizing their effect in terms of local impact, return on investment and speeding up sustainable development. For this purpose, we have devised solutions that contribute to improving the life of the population and/or the environment in the nearby habitat of the company's business.


  1. Project identification.

    The implementation of High Impact Solutions generates benefits for projects such as: potential to qualify for sustainable financing with more favorable conditions for the company and/or the client; differentiation from competitors in the supply phase; improvement of relations with communities and prevention of possible risks.

  2. Diagnosis of socio-environmental gaps in the perimeter close to the project.

    Identification and analysis of social and environmental gaps in line with the Sustainable Development Goals in the project's area of influence.

  3. Checking with local experts.

    Analysis of local concerns, as well as consultation with public bodies, social organizations, universities, consultants, partners or others to certify the identified gaps.

  4. Communication with investment agents and external partners.

    Search and communication with potential partners and investors who are experts in sustainable projects, such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the European Union, the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank or the International Fund for Agricultural Developmen.

  5. Definition of solutions and completion of financing.

    Definition of priority areas that respond to the identified gaps. The Solutions are designed considering the knowledge, experience and own resources, as well as the client’s expectations, the community and the partners. A fundamental part is the completion of financing and the resource allocation for the implementation of adjacent solutions.

  6. Implementation of the suggested adjacent solutions.

    From dialogue with the population and the presentation of the project to the competent authorities, to the commissioning and use in collaboration with the partners.

  7. Measuring and managing the impact.

    Evaluation and management of the impact according to the Sustainable Development Goals, to objectively and rigorously identify the positive effects generated during the useful life of the project.


The goal is to deploy an ecosystem of organizations capable of increasing the potential for regenerative transformation. We will hold conversations with third parties to establish work programs, initiatives and collaborative projects that allow us to multiply our capacity to develop solutions that bring us closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Contribución a los ODS a través del Plan de Acción Social


Enhancing our capacity for sustainable financing strengthens our value and the competitive advantages of our projects. We promote innovative sustainable financing solutions that make a positive difference in the development of regenerative infrastructures, making the most of the capital markets interest in financing the existing compliance gaps in the SDGs.

Sustainable financing in 2020

ACCIONA adopts two sustainable financing mechanisms: one aimed at projects or activities with sustainable goals, to promote specific positive impacts linked to financing, and corporate financing that entails commitments to improve ACCIONA's ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance


Types of financing N.º of current operation N.º of new operations or extensions in 2020 Current outstanding amount
Project financing 18 10 1,760.9
Corporate financing with sustainable commitments 5 0 3,711.8
Total 23 10 5,472.7